I don’t know when I became a 100 year old woman, but here we are.

A chunk of my counseling session yesterday was me yapping about noise so much that my counselor gave me homework. She asked that I book at least two days, one night alone, away…somewhere, anywhere, where I can sit in silence and solitude.

My response….


Last night I blocked out two days and a room before falling asleep (I will book as soon as I get my niece’s okay as we are in full wedding planning mode). So…this is a thing now.

Further evidence.

This morning I am working offsite in an attempt to get some writing done. I am behind. Shhhh… The coffee shop is SO noisy. I complained on Instagram.

How did we get here? SO. Much. NOISE?

Well, I got here because my life since May has become one of intense travel involving couch surfing (or my version…thanks to the generosity of friends and family). I have zero privacy. I have gone from someone who has lived solo since the age of 18 to now a 47 year old woman on the move. 99% of it I love and 1% has built up to the point that I can’t breathe. I need to get away to a quiet place, have a good cry, a long walk, and a bubble bath in silence over about 36-48 hours. Afterwards, I will feel human again (or should).

This is the self-care ball that I have dropped this past four months as I found balance in other areas. It took a mini-meltdown in counseling yesterday for me to see it. Thank you God for counselors with their objective view of our lives…when we ignore you whispering in our ears.

We live in a noisy world. We know that; I am not publishing breaking news here. That said, we do not build in “quiet time” for ourselves to compensate. We do it for our kids. We quickly adjust types of food, bedtimes, etc. when we see them “idling high,” but push it back (or down) when we see those same behaviors in ourselves. How many times have we told a child, “Go to your room and think about that.” which is code for…”Go to your bed, take a hot minute in solitude, and find thyself.”?

So…this is YOUR assignment as we slide into a holiday weekend. In all of your time-blocking of your schedule (and others…some of whom you are 100% responsible for) on the calendar for September, be sure to block out some “quiet time” for you. I don’t know about you, but I believe it is going to make all of the difference in my month.