I can hardly believe I am writing this post. *cue ALL the tears*

Two years ago, while laying on a massage table, I had a vision about a podcast that would recreate what I was experiencing weekly in my living room with my IF: Tribe. True community. Real and raw conversations. The nitty, gritty, meaty parts of our stories generally reserved for counselor couches and/or our prayer closets. In my car afterwards, I wrote everything down I could remember from the vision. I then shared it with a couple of close friends. I bought a dozen domains on Go Daddy. Then…then I ran.

I ran as fast and as far as I could for the next year.

In the meantime, I logged another year of counseling, took a monumental “touchstone” trip back to Colorado to attend the Captivating Conference that had caught me in my #facedown season of 2012, and then the mother of all game changer trips back to Haiti in June 2017. On the plane back from Haiti, I drafted a job description for a Chief Storyteller role, and a week later, on that same massage table, I had the exact vision from the year before – down to the furniture. I expanded who in my tribe I shared it with - convinced that I needed to be pushed OR was simply losing my mind. My tribe pushed back on me HARD. “Do it!” came back at me in a Hallelujah chorus.

There is a Haitian Proverb “Piti piti zwazo fè nich.” which means “little by little the bird builds his nest” and so I started…little by little.

Last fall, my nephew Jon helped me select and purchase (think Podcasting for Dummies – oh yeah, I bought that book too. ????) the basics needed to record a podcast. By November, Jon was helping me download software, select music, and learn how to work the equipment. I headed to France in early December for the Grand Opening of Restored & Renewed Ministry. My plan was to record the first several episodes while there. My friend Heather Sutherlin, along with her family, lives and runs the day-to-day operations for R&R. Her mother, Sherry Pogue, the founder of R&R, would be there too, so I knew that this would be a rich story to record AND a safe place to start (among friends). Frankly, it was the perfect place to start. Heather Sutherlin and I met in the middle of 2012, and she and I started the IF: Tribe group that met in my living room every week; she gets me and loves me. Her love of Jesus has been a lighthouse for me this past six years. Who better to launch with than her? So…off I went flying to France with a suitcase full of equipment and nervous energy. During that week, I recorded just under six hours of podcast material. By the end of the final recording (which will be Episode 8 (as it stands now)), we were all in tears. Beautiful and hard tears.

I came home from France anticipating getting everything launched by the end of January, but as always, LIFE happened. Undeterred, I doubled-down and sought out help. Professional help. By February, I was searching for a firm to not only help me get the podcast launched, but one that could help me build out a permanent home for it. The truth was that I had been working on a personal website for the past year; I knew I needed a new permanent home for the blog I had started in 2011, a home for the podcast, etc. I had shelved that dream midway through the process due to again…FEAR. The first week of this year, I had picked it back up to dust it off and begin again –  yet something was nagging at me; something didn’t feel right. The developer I had hired a year originally did not really understand my vision or (on the flip side) how to pull out of me what was in my head + heart. I needed fresh eyes. When I sat down with the new firm I was considering engaging, I held my hands open and palms up under the table, took a long deep breath, and explained from the beginning what I felt God was asking of me. I know I was crimson red from head-to-toe. Here I was running naked down Main Street with people I had to bump into every day. This was my worst nightmare. YET…the strangest thing happened. First, I didn’t die. Second, they “got it” as in really got it. I am pretty sure I cried. We set a launch deadline for both the website and podcast for 3.29.2018.

Ummmm…..that LIFE thing again. Yet, this time I didn’t care. I had so much peace that launching it right was more important than the self-imposed deadlines I had put on myself and them. Last week, I emailed the team and said as much. So…the deadline last week flew past and the next one (this past Monday) sauntered by, and so I stopped thinking about deadlines altogether.

We have been pounding out edits, going back and forth, all week, and we are all ready to say that at midnight tonight, April 7, 2018, it will all go LIVE.

I know.


The Honeycomb Podcast with Heather Nelson will be hosted on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and Soundcloud. You can link to them directly from thehoneycombpodcast.com which takes you to the podcast landing page housed within my new personal website heatherrnelson.com (click on names for links to each). Officially, I will be sharing links to them across all my social media sites starting Sunday night (to give myself and the brains behind it all some time to do any final troubleshooting). If you like what you see and hear, please share with your friends and family. Also, and I am told this is important, please subscribe to the podcast and leave a review on the host site you use to listen to it. Initially, five episodes are dropping – a preview episode plus full episodes 1-4. Within a few weeks, we will drop a new podcast weekly. I could go into a lot of detail about the theme, etc., but I would love it more if you would go to the website and read ALL about it there. Trust me when I say this, there are ALL the words out there. The team even put me on word limits for some stuff. I only wish I were kidding; they are making me into a better writer.  

I also want to say this….

If you like anything you see, please give a shout-out to the brains + hearts behind it – Nikki Roark + Clay Mosley of Rock City Digital. They have the patience of saints. Truly. That said, they have so beautifully captured the vision God placed in my head over these past two years, and I would cry tears of joy typing this if I had any left. I am quite literally…undone.

So…Welcome. We saved your seat.