I am a big fan of cheesy romantic films so it should be no surprise that I have a few songs from their soundtracks on my iPod.

This afternoon as I am wrapping up multiple pages of to do lists for a #Monday - my niece walks in beaming…she just got her first job offer. She graduates from Arkansas State University next month with her third degree, a Master’s in Social Work. She went on her first interview on Friday, and they called today and offered her a job. A really, really great job.

Her parents and I might have stroked out in the floor.

It takes a village people.

…and that takes NOTHING away from my amazing niece who has completely busted her butt for six years.

Back to my iPod. As I sat back down to finish up some to dos, I had my iPod on a full shuffle, and “Feels Like Home” by Chantal Kreviazuk from the “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” film comes on. I laugh Long and hard.

It sure does.

I am in the middle of transitions that when I list them out with my friends they just stare back at me slack-jawed. Then slowly they mutter, can’t you try doing just one or two of those at a time…instead of ALL of them? I wish I could. I truly do.

But God.

Transitions can leave you undone whether they are a young woman graduating college and starting her professional career or a woman who graduated 24 years next month and is gazing at old horizons made new. Last month I gave a talk at WIN MINDFIT on the will to change. In it, I stated, “the will to change is born out of our submission to God.” He is reminding me of that statement today as I sit with hands face up, bare, and wide open.

Whatever the path you are on. However long and winding . If you are submitting every single next step to God, trust me when I tell you this…he is there…behind you, ahead of you, right there next to you, walking in step with you. There is no circumstance, challenge, opportunity, mountain he has not surveyed ahead of you. He is SO there in that BIG thing WITH you. He isn’t looking for your plan, but your submission…to.his.will.

“Are you ready to do it my way…now,” He asks?

Are you?

When you are. When you do. Wherever you are in that single moment with him…

…will feel JUST like HOME.


Jordan’s Kindergarten Graduation


I love you Jesus! I am so grateful that in every step you have, are, and will be here with me…with our family…with Jordan. What a gift you are to our hearts.