In Search of Quiet

In Search of Quiet

I don't know when I became a 100 year old woman, but here we are. A chunk of my counseling session yesterday was me yapping about noise so much that my counselor gave me homework. She asked that I book at least two days, one night alone, away...somewhere, anywhere,...

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Hello + Welcome

I can hardly believe I am writing this post. *cue ALL the tears* Two years ago, while laying on a massage table, I had a vision about a podcast that would recreate what I was experiencing weekly in my living room with my IF: Tribe. True community. Real and raw...

Grieving + Single

I am not doing well.  I thought I was doing well. Especially after a visit to say good-bye to someone I loved. Then Monday... ...and every day since.  In counseling today I had all of the words and none of the words.  Then...

Emotional Hangovers.

This morning I have one. What pray tell is that you might ask?! Well an example is when you open yourself up emotionally with someone sharing a part of you or your story that you don’t share...ever...with anyone....and while all good in the moment...when you wake up...

Two Steps Forward + One Step Back = Progress

I read the dangdest thing this week. Also, is dangdest a word? I digress. What I read was a post that said, "Two steps forward plus one step backwards still equals progress." I believe that is a direct quote, and for the life of me I cannot remember where I read...


This is where it all began for me. A simple blog started back in 2011 has led to all of this. I consider my writing the place where God and I get real with each other. My process is a little odd in that I don’t prep as much as I sit down and just let the Holy Spirit take over the keyboard. The process is HOLY and offering all of it up to a world that judges so harshly….well that feels vulnerable and terrifying. Yet, this is where God and I work it all out, and I share because other writers shared their stories with me. That is what we do…we pass down our stories to each other like breadcrumbs. We are all in this together.

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Music is definitely on of my love languages and so there was no doubt that I would figure out a way to share with you the music that was leaving its imprint on my heart. In this space, the goal is to share my own playlists along with other’s that are wrecking my heart in all of the best ways. I hope you will find something here that speaks to your heart.

Be bold enough to use your voice, brave enough to listen to your heart, and strong enough to live the life you’ve always imagined. // Unknown