and I could not be more honored that you are here.

I consider this holy ground – for both of us. I envision a big oversized white chair sitting on a large red kilim rug, our favorite drinks in our hands, and sunshine coming through the windows. It is just you, me, a tribe of other searchers, and God. Here we will share our stories, learn + grow from hearing other’s stories, and we will hold each other’s hands as we walk together through both the beautiful and brutal of our one life this side of heaven. Most important, we will invite God into the center of it all.

This space contains all of my favorite things – from words to music to community. At the heart, there is story. I believe that storytelling is the ultimate secret sauce, the one thing that we all have inside of us that when shared connects us all through an unbreakable red string. I believe it can transform lives, non-profits, businesses…and even more, I believe it is in our DNA. “In the beginning…” as the story goes.

So please take a look around - I hope you find something here that speaks to your heart and refreshes your soul.

are worth a thousand words.

The Soothing Power of Water

When my heart gets messy or undone or overwhelmed...when I need to work out my mind as it drowns with ideas or memories or both....whenever I need to find the heart of God in the heart of me, I go find water. If you ever can't find me, there is a good chance that you are not looking by bodies of water. Just a helpful hint should you ever be searching for me. It has been a busy season. A lot of change. Grand-scale disappointments alongside jaw-dropping opportunities. I have had to shrink my...

The Long Driveway Home

When I was a little girl, we lived down a long rocky driveway. I would ride my bike from our house to the end of it every day to get our mail. The mailboxes were bunched together on the side of the state highway where our driveway came out. I used to dream of inventing a cover that would allow me to zip myself inside of my bike while I rode it as to avoid the rain. Looking back now I was very creative as a child, and I am sorry I lost that part of myself for a decade (or three). I digress. I...

In Search of Quiet

I don't know when I became a 100 year old woman, but here we are. A chunk of my counseling session yesterday was me yapping about noise so much that my counselor gave me homework. She asked that I book at least two days, one night alone, away...somewhere, anywhere, where I can sit in silence and solitude. My response.... Done. Last night I blocked out two days and a room before falling asleep (I will book as soon as I get my niece's okay as we are in full wedding planning mode). So...this is a...

The Art of Storytelling in Haiti

It has been awhile...I am sorry. A little backstory... I really thought once I had a new beautiful home for all of my words that I would write ALL the time. Sharing my musings, travels, lessons, tips, etc. as I had always tried to do...but NOW more officially (read that as professionally). Naïve I am. #facepalm As soon as I got my new home for my blog launched as part of a NEW website to share ALL the things I was moving into, I got busy. As in, REALLY busy. I had travel (Italy and France), a...

I have heard the joke that some kids must be dragged out of the comfort, security and warmth of the womb. Not me. I think I came out with a strong case of curiosity and wanderlust. For as long as I can remember I have been described as an old soul. I guess I am a born searcher.

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Be bold enough to use your voice, brave enough to listen to your heart, and strong enough to live the life you’ve always imagined. // Unknown