storyteller // entrepreneur // writer

Storyteller. // I have been in love with storytelling since I was a little girl. I could have never imagined the role it would have in my life, but here I sit in my mid-40s and storytelling is a key part of my work as an entrepreneur and in my writing. Over the years, I have been loved on and mentored by some of the very best storytellers. They have taught me all about “Once upon a time,” characters and tone and leaving the audience wanting more while giving them something to do with everything you have stirred up within them. As humans, we crave a call to action (the ever present CTA in business) and so I have learned to craft that into my stories whether I am sharing about my company, a non-profit I want to promote, or a friend that needs encouragement. Story matters and it is what keeps us all coming back to the well for more. Jesus knew that, and honestly nobody has, or will ever, use story as effectively has he did….but we all keep trying. The truth of the matter is that my life is a quest of sorts….a journey of how other’s seemingly tiny stories are changing the bigger story of this girl’s ordinary life. It is also the realization that there are no “tiny stories” in this world.

Entrepreneur. // I have been working since I was 13 years old, and I love to work, but even more I love to create. I am best in the start-up and new growth stages as it brings out the very best of my strategic-leaning mind. I spent nearly two decades in corporate doing banking and corporate finance until the entrepreneur-bug bit me hard. I co-founded an energy solutions firm a little over five years ago and we have spent every waking minute trying to reign this stallion as we grew at 30-80% growth rates year over year. We continue to pioneer within our industry in our home state bringing cost-effective renewable energy solutions to everybody – from 700 sq. ft. homes to 400 panel systems in the beautiful farms throughout the Delta. We are a full-service design + install solar firm working across all of Arkansas and parts of Mississippi. I like to say that everything I ever learned in corporate, I have tried to pour into my business partner. Mentoring is as natural to me as breathing. The truth is that I have learned a lot from him and in a lot of ways after the intensity of corporate America, I needed some healing on the professional side.

Writer. // At my very core I am a writer. It has taken me years and copious amounts of counseling and prayer and a tribe that consistently yells at me through my own fog of self doubt…but there can be no doubt (and isn’t on most days) that I is one (as the joke goes). It is both who I am and what I do. So much rolls around inside me that the best way to exits it is through writing…it helps me understand myself and others…better. My friend Lori Harris, a beautiful writer taught me everything there is about micro blogging via her Instagram feed in 2017. I felt like we were on parallel paths – too much for a blog, but too little for a simple 120 characters. When I gave myself permission to steal the idea, it opened a whole other world for my writing. Giving me permission to just vomit my heart however little or much…it was freeing. Freeing. So between my Instagram and my writing page on Facebook (for those days that even Instagram cut me off), I fell in love with writing again in 2017. Not from a place of “have to” but from a place of birthing it forth like new life because there was no way on earth to stop it.

This website?! Started over a year ago and shelved when LIFE got too much and my fears overwhelmed the promises God had whispered. As I started planning for 2018, I knew that if I didn’t honor my calling this year, I was afraid I never would. In the words of Jill Briscoe, “Courage isn’t a feeling that you wait for. Courage is doing when you don’t have courage. Courage is doing it scared.” So in 2018, I am “doing it scared” and that pretty much sums up everything in my life these days. In terms of writing – it isn’t the wrting that terrifies me as much as the letting go of the words once written. My process is a little odd in that I don’t prep as much as I sit down and just let the Holy Spirit takeover the keyboard. The process is HOLY, and letting loose of all of that holiness to a world that judges so harshly….well that feels terrifying. There is nothing I love more though than writing…I feel closer to God and the Holy Spirit when I am writing than at any other tie in my day. Just full engagement. So this is the year I am going to work on being brave. My word for 2018 is lionheart or Lyon Ké in Haitian Creole so I am working to fully engage my word